Get context variable with GastbyJS

By Louis Bertin

Today, I'm working on my personal website developed with GastbyJS (this technology is pretty cool, I'm gonna make an article about it when I'm finished the first version of my website.) However, i would like to highlight a problem that happens to myself and maybe I can help people in the same situation. Indeed, this feature is a little bit hidden in GatsbyJS documentation but she is very useful.

I'm using the plugin gatsby-plugin-intl to have a multilingual blog and it often happens to me to send language locale to my GraphQL queries. This way, i need to provide to locale into the context of every page in order to build my request.

At first, I edit gatsby-node.js and I'm adding the lines who have to ability to modify the defaults pages behavior :

exports.onCreatePage = ({ page, actions }) => {
  const { createPage, deletePage } = actions
  // You can access the variable "locale" in your page queries now

    context: {,
      locale: page.context.intl.language,
  • Then, I can simply get the value of the locale variable in my page request :
query ($locale: String) {
  posts: allMarkdownRemark(filter: {frontmatter: {language: {eq: $locale}}}) {
    nodes {
      frontmatter {
        date(formatString: "MMMM Do, YYYY", locale: $locale)

Problem solved! You are free to send any variable into your page now