How to deploy WinterCMS on Caprover

Originally, I had a blog developed with GatsbyJS and Contentful for multilingual. This one is functional and pretty fast but I'm not a fan of the way GatsbyJS/React works and its structure.

I'll do an article soon about these reasons.

Which brings us to today's topic How to deploy WinterCMS on Caprover.

I chose WinterCMS and Caprover because of the open-source and highly customizable nature of the two.

Here is how I did it:

  1. I took a VPS from Hetzner Cloud, one of the best services in terms of quality/price
  2. Then I followed the Getting Started from Caprover:, very simple: few steps and the documentation is very clear.
  3. I wrote a Dockerfile to deploy the project on my Caprover instance:
  4. Created the project on Caprover, then deploy it with the command caprover deploy
  5. That's it! Your site is online! For the rest, I imported my local database and the site was functional.


in WinterCMS Posted on May 16, 2021